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A few examples of why:

We proved pivotal to the UK government through the COVID-19 pandemic

In 2019 Apprilis worked with the Cabinet Office to support the creation of a solution to effectively display data concerned with Brexit contingency planning. 

In March 2020 our live solution for Brexit planning was adapted into a UK data dashboard to deal with the briefing requirements surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. This enabled the data and analysis created by departments and organisations across the country, reporting on COVID-19, to be held in one central place. This ensured that all interested parties including senior stakeholders, could be effectively and efficiently briefed with minimal effort.

The dashboard user interface was built to simplify the complex data streams and allow widespread access, whilst also ensuring a secure hosting environment. To overcome the complex security challenges, we built a custom-made login application which verified users from their data profiles and granted them access to only their relevant sections of the dashboard.

The dashboard was well received from all parties concerned, and this vehicle quickly became the main presentation tool for any COVID-19 briefings, including the daily televised briefings.

We deliver on our client’s unique requirements

In 2021–2022 Apprilis worked with a government department to strategically align them to the Government digital reform and enable data driven decision making.

A formal data store was created focusing on analysis capabilities.

It was designed as a central data warehouse for civil service recruitment, enabling cross government sharing and reporting of data. This now allows government departments to monitor the success of vacancies, candidates and the hiring process and to produce reports from a central location.

There were several requirements for the unique build of this system:

  • Resolve data quality issues and reduce manual data production
  • Move to cloud infrastructure
  • Phase out legacy programming languages
  • Manage and securely handle all official-sensitive data
  • Technical considerations for processing hundreds of thousands of data rows at a time, to stay as close to real-time as possible
  • The framework used to process data had to be extendible to handle future data sources and transformations
  • Access to allow for raw data handling for data scientists, as well as reporting dashboards for all government departments

Before our engagement, the project had already been through the initial phases and a technical setup had been settled on. Our technical team helped drive the project through the prototype stage, provided a proof of concept based on this setup (alpha), and then on into the main build (beta) and launch.

We built a highly flexible ETL programme framework for retrieving data from any source, transforming it, and then loading it into the data warehouse of the client’s choice. This framework allows other developers to then extend the ETL to allow data from any source to be entered and added to in the future.

Apprilis also created an authentication security solution wrapper, allowing users to self-register and access dashboards to view data. To accommodate this, an area has been developed to allow administrators to easily manage users and permissions.

The system has been built on highly scalable software and can therefore handle large spikes in traffic and usage without losing performance, the services ‘scale’ accordingly and avoid downtime. It is written in code so that it is transferrable with the code on the rest of the project and subject to the same maintenance and audit processes.

The project is now capable of handling millions of records per day. This will greatly reduce the overheads of the client, who currently deal with multiple requests for custom data sets and reports. It will also provide more accurate data, as it can update hourly, which will therefore give a more complete picture to customers.

Our expertise in change enables strategic success

In 2019-2020 Apprilis worked with a government department to transform a citizen facing public nomination service. The original service was administered using disparate and outdated software. Over time, the adoption of manual workarounds by the team had resulted in inefficient business processes. The existing systems were vulnerable to attack and unstable and meant that they had to rely on the retention and continuation of paper filing.

The overarching objective of the project was to deliver a single case management system for the department, bringing together four existing databases and removing the need to add to paper files. This would ultimately lead to modernising working practices and delivering significant efficiencies for the team and the wider system.

We worked with the department and a third-party supplier to scope, design and build an entire Salesforce driven solution that not only enabled internal nomination processing but also provided a portal for external stakeholders via Community Licenses to assess nominees and provide feedback. Our Lead Consultant was responsible for designing the service, the business architecture and service design and translating the requirements into key Salesforce components (utilising Salesforce Service Cloud). The processes due to their complexity also required bespoke customisation within the Salesforce environment. We developed Visualforce pages and processes in order to manage these complexities and to integrate with other external solutions.

The end solution enabled a full end-to-end process of nominations incorporating:

  • Citizen nominations and management
  • Internal processing, including communication channels
  • External stakeholder assessment portals (via Community Licenses)
  • Dashboard and Metrics capture, including workload management

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