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We work collaboratively with our clients throughout all stages of a project. We pride ourselves on our open and honest relationships, which helps us build trust and rapport with our clients.


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We will ensure that all your business and user needs are identified. Utilising our wide experience with the Agile methodology, we will help you establish the best solutions to fulfil your needs and then define clear delivery plans for each phase of the project. 

Our delivery service will help you,

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Discover the issues surrounding your service and what factors need to be considered in change – why things need to be changed and how they impact on your service both internally (people, processes and technology) and externally to customers.

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Prototype potential solutions to help solve the problem.

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Build the solution, test it, and start to release it for use.

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Identify key stakeholder communications and management engagement strategies to successfully transition to change Advise on key security measures and assurance criteria such as resilience, encryption, multi-factor authentication, penetration testing etc, by undertaking Infosec GAP analysis and implementing solutions.

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Set up the ‘run’ environments and ensure a smooth transition to ‘live’ environments.

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Enable continual improvement – forward plan to ensure flexibility in systems to enable future improvement.

on delivery

'Apprilis has been able to fill all the resource demands we have needed in the past few months, offering a number of candidates for each position so that we can select the most suitable person for the job.'

on quality

'The quality of the work carried out by apprilis consultants is excellent. They have brought technical expertise and valuable knowledge of government ways of working to the team.'

'I'm very impressed with the quality of the people from apprilis and the standard of work they produce.'

on value for money

'Apprilis has been extremely clear in their communication about costs and has given advanced warning or asked permission for any overtime that may be incurred.’

‘I feel that the day rates negotiated represent value for money given the experience of the people that are brought in.'

on the relationship

'The current Apprilis consultants working with our department are an excellent fit with the various project teams. They have a 'can do' attitude, are willing to help wherever possible, offer challenge when required and are a pleasure to work with.'

‘The relationship with Apprilis is very positive and there is a good cultural fit with our team. They are valued members of the team and show complete commitment to the projects they are working on.’

on behaviour

‘The Apprilis consultants working with us are good communicators and have offered suggestions and solutions to improve the services they work on.’

‘Apprilis demonstrate exemplary behaviours - they are always willing to go the extra mile for us and are extremely committed to the work. Communication with people is clear, honest, and open. They have also been very prompt to deal with any issues that have cropped up and have resolved them quickly.’

utilise the Agile
method of working

This encourages continuous, parallel development and testing throughout the lifecycle of a project. We recognise that utilising an Agile approach may be unfamiliar to some organisations or departments, that’s why we offer Agile coaching to any business that requires it.

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