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With an increased emphasis on digital, facing the challenge of delivering reliable and publicly accessible IT services with limited resources and budgetary constraints is a common business problem. Apprilis is the business partner of choice who can assist you in delivering your objectives.

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Agile, proactive thinking is in our DNA

It’s what makes us who we are. We don’t have a set methodology-we work closely with our customers to find the best way forward for them. We help the client be where they want to be. Working alongside our customers we develop sustainable solutions to business needs, which last beyond our contract delivery.

We are experts in designing, innovating, implementing and delivering technical business solutions. We have tried and tested experience in a diverse range of sectors.

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Apprilis are committed to working with our clients to achieve long lasting benefits and impact on the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the staff and wider communities in which we work.

Everybody needs some soul

Our social input into the local community has enabled us to support great organisations like Romsey Mill and Cambourne Youth Partnership.  With over 40 years experience of supporting young people, children and families in and around Cambridgeshire who are facing significant challenges in their lives.

Supporting the mission to end digital inequality

We have teamed up with national company Laptops4Learning who are putting us on the path to helping those who really need digital support and devices.

We are dedicated to helping the workforce and communities build back after the effects of COVID-19-reducing the skills gap, generating jobs and protecting suppliers. We are committed to the Prompt Payment Code, we run a work experience programme, we pay our consultants according to skills not gender and we operate a non biased recruitment process. We also undertake knowledge transfer and coaching/mentoring in all our contracts. We’ve also taken the Mental Health at Work Commitment to ensure that everyone feels supported in their workplace.

Our Social Value Plan is in line with the UK Government’s Social Value Act of 2013 and the Social Value Model and is recorded through TOMs.

working towards net zero

We are committed to achieving net zero emissions by at least 2050.
Our team are committed to lowering our environmental impact as part of the fight against climate change. We recycle all equipment where possible. Toners and cartridges are repurposed, and retired computer hardware is donated to local charities and schools.


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